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On-demand delivery management software

Supercharge your operations with a true on-demand delivery management software. Automated dispatching with your rules, order batching, instant route planning, courier management - all tailored to your unique workflow.

Flexible plans
Best for:
owners of a few locations & local delivery services

2,500 orders per month
$0.25/additional order

Unlimited locations and couriers
Automated dispatch with your rules
Order status via SMS and tracking page for end-customers
Post-delivery feedback and alerts
Third-party fleets for order overflow
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Best for:
multiple location owners and growing delivery companies

5,000 orders per month
$0.25/additional order

All Standard features +
Automated dispatch with your advanced rules
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Just plug it in

And scale instantly

- Integrate your ordering interface
- Configure routing algorithm
- Customize dispatching rules
- Receive notifications and alerts
Deliver with ease
- Launch a white-label courier app
- Allow multiple pickups and dropoffs
- Implement any compensation strategy
- Manage payroll in one click
- Operate several locations under the same roof
- Share resources
- Constantly optimize
On-demand delivery platform features
Browse, search and filter our logistics features
There is always more, just ask!
System highlights
Integrate your ordering system or others
Customize everything to your unique needs
Send live order status updates to consumers and merchants
Dispatch orders automatically or manually
Utilize routing algorithm tailored to on-demand food delivery
Work with third-party fleets for overflow orders

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