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On-demand logistics engine

Supercharge your ordering with a true on-demand delivery management software. Dispatching, route planning, courier management - all tailored to your on-demand operation.

Thomas Hager-Roiser
Managing Director of NINJAS.jetzt
Switched to DelivApp to grow

"Support is fast, our requests are being heard and implemented. DelivApp has our back when it comes to logistics, so we can focus on improving our frontend, and on the business and operational aspects of the growth
Catalin Urda
CEO & founder of Smartioo delivery services
Excellent customer service

"We've been using Shipday, but we decided to switch as they did not have a merchant portal. Not only DelivApp has the portal and a good dispatching system, they also excel at customer service – all the questions are always answered, solutions found, and issues are solved very fast and without any problems."
Barak & Or Zisberg
co-owners of of FullGaz delivery
10 times more monthly order volume in 2 years

"We have to confess that this software is very addictive. Once you've tried it for your business, you don't really know how you lived without it before. We have grown our delivery volume 10 times in two years, and we are not planning to stop."
Nicolette Coetzee
the co-owner of Discover Thabazimbi
Easy setup, great value for money, and really good support

"We assessed a number of software solutions before we decided to go with DelivApp. What triggered our decision was the platform itself of course - easy to use both for the operator and for the drivers, but also the team's communication, responsiveness, and the level of support we were receiving from the get-go. We found DelivApp to be a great value for money investment."
the owner of Golda Ice Cream Northern Branches
One platform to coordinate in-house and external couriers

"We have several ice cream shop locations and thanks to DelivApp we use a single platform to work with our own couriers and with an external delivery company. This setup helps us to handle peak hours, holidays, and large business orders without having to hire more people."
the owner of Wolfnights franchise
No late orders, rush hours are simple and efficient

"DelivApp was a game-changer for us. Before we started with them, we were swamped during the peak hours: lost orders, angry customers, non-stop "where-is-my-food" calls. Moving to DelivApp had suddenly made our rush hours work easy and quiet. We created a well-organized delivery routine, eliminated late orders, and completely forgot about refunds."

the owner of World of Food delivery
Orders amounts have tripled

"We had been working with a delivery management solution for several years until we got to a point that we could no longer grow. It took us less than ten days from our decision to switch to DelivApp to finishing the switch and starting to work with it. It's been more than three years since, and we have grown 3 times since we started several years ago!"

the owner of Franco Restaurant
Calculates courier compensations with the click of a button

"Once we started working with DelivApp, we were able to streamline all of the logistic processes as well as payroll and compensation management. We are now running very efficient and lean operations and we calculate our courier compensations literally in one click."

Affordable plans
Best for:
single-site business
to simplify self-delivery management
per month

500 orders per month
$0.28/additional order
Best for:
young delivery company to optimize processes, and grow
per month

1,000 orders per month
$0.20/additional order
Best for:
larger operator to automate operations;
scaling delivery services provider to expand into new locations
per month

5,000 orders per month
$0.18/additional order

Just plug it in

And scale instantly

- Integrate your ordering interface
- Configure routing algorithm
- Customize dispatching rules
- Receive notifications and alerts
Deliver with ease
- Launch a white-label courier app
- Allow multiple pickups and dropoffs
- Implement any compensation strategy
- Manage payroll in one click
- Operate several locations under the same roof
- Share resources
- Constantly optimize
Logistics engine features
Browse, search and filter our logistics features
There is always more, just ask!
System highlights
Integrate your ordering system or others
Customize everything to your unique needs
Send live order status updates to consumers and merchants
Dispatch orders automatically or manually
Utilize routing algorithm tailored to on-demand food delivery
Control food readiness time, eliminate waiting time for couriers

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