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9x monthly orders growth in two years

In July 2018, FullGaz came to DelivApp being sure that they have reached the glass ceiling: with several thousand delivery orders a month and a single control center the company was simply unable to handle the demand for more deliveries.
Once the decision to move to DelivApp was taken, it took a week to get started and only two months to double the number of monthly orders.
Monthly orders in two years
Couriers in the delivery fleet
Average orders per courier (incl idle hours)
Average orders per courier (rush hours)
This happened because with DelivApp's Platform FullGaz was now able to create several control centers, automatically distribute incoming orders between them and allocate to each one of them dedicated and shared courier fleet. Routing and resource optimization also helped to dramatically improve performance and customer satisfaction rate, doubling the number of active customers.
"This software is very addictive. Once you tried it in your business, you don't really know how you lived without it before and you cannot really get off of it. We have grown our delivery volumes 3 times during the past year, handled close to 100K monthly orders and we are not planning to stop."
Barak & Or
co-owners of FullGaz
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