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On-demand logistics management platform

Gain complete control over your food delivery business. Dispatching, route planning, courier and client communications - everything you need to organize your restaurant or delivery company operations.

3,000,000+ deliveries | 500+ restaurants
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4.7/5 on

Rapidly scale your business

Handle any demand without sacrificing quality service.

Gain control over your operations
Streamline processing, seamlessly distribute orders, receive alerts, and track couriers in real-time.
Increase process visibility
Get detailed reports and gain valuable insights with the click of a button.
Boost customer satisfaction and retention
Let your customers track their order status, location, and easily leave feedback.
Manage courier compensation
Compensate couriers according to performance and customer rating.
Logistics engine features
Browse, search and filter our logistics features
System highlights
Automatically receive orders from multiple sources
Allow one-click manual order entry via our Telegram bot
Send live order status updates to consumers
Dispatch orders automatically or manually
Utilize routing algorithm tailored to on-demand food delivery
Control food readiness time, eliminate waiting time for couriers
How our customers are succeeding
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