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DelivApp platform

The A2Z online ordering and delivery management platform supporting mono and multi-brands

These are Online Ordering and Delivery Management Platform plans.
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Standard Plus
Best for:
brands starting their first-party digital sales
with first- or third-party delivery
A2Z ordering and delivery management platform supporting mono and multi-brands

*one-time setup fee
2,500 orders per month
$0.35/additional order

Unlimited pickup locations and users
Per location customization
Insights and reports
Customer care tools
Third-party ordering integrations
Third-party delivery fleets integrations
First-party fleet management tools
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Enterprise Plus
Best for:
multi-city brands and franchises going all-in
with owned ordering and first- or third-party delivery experience
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A2Z ordering and delivery management platform supporting mono and multi-brands

*one-time setup fee
Price is based on locations number

Premium Plus features +
Multiple geographies
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Power add-ons
Enhance our platform with additional modules
Phone ordering support
Allow your marketplace customers to order by phone. Make it easy for your support operators to accept phone orders and automatically pass them to the businesses listed on your marketplace.
Loyalty program
Retain users with our robust loyalty program options: offer bonus points, referrals, gift cards, and more!
Land distance
By default, we measure distance by air, if you need land distance - you can have it too.
You can add SMS as a method of user verification, and order status updates.
Orders hub
Automatically receive orders from third-party platforms (Uber Eats, DoorDash, GrubHub, and more) into the DelivApp dispatch portal.
Third-party fleets
You can deliver with Wolt Drive, DoorDash Drive, or Yango Delivery couriers, if they are available in your geography. We are constantly adding a list of delivery partenrs.

All Platform plans include

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  • Branded ordering (marketplace type) + Delivery Management
    We think that online ordering platforms are better when they come together with the delivery management software so that you can seamlessly accept and deliver orders. All of our platform plans include matching logistics functionality.
  • Assisted setup
    For the marketplace setup, we work with you hand in hand, to make sure you launch on time. When it comes to the Logistics part, you are free to set it up by yourself, or benefit from our expertise to get the settings right and started fast.
  • Personalized support
    Your hungry customers can't wait why should you? We care about your success, and we won't let you down even if you are small or just getting started. We've done deliveries by ourselves, we know it is hard, we are here to support you.
  • Merchant portal and companion app
    Your marketplace merchants receive a dedicated portal to manage their marketplace listing as well as off-marketplace deliveries (if they want to). They also receive a companion app to easily manage the incoming marketplace orders from a tablet of their choice.
  • Courier fees management
    Our system supports order- or hourly-based compensations for couriers calculates how much cash was collected, and allows you to easily calculate who owns to who how much.
  • Coupons, discounts, and messaging
    The marketplace has built-in coupons, discounts, and marketplace messaging functionality. You will be able to communicate with your users easily and run multiple promotions.


You receive a demo version of the software right away and you can use it while we are setting you up. The free trial period lasts for 3 weeks.
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DelivApp platform

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