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our story

How DelivApp came to be

Born in a restaurant's kitchen
Our mission
We are leveling the playing field for local businesses. We help them stay competitive and become less dependent on the aggregators. We provide them with technological tools to launch online ordering and on-demand delivery services that would be on par with the digital experience the big platforms.

Our vision
We envision a world where business owners work for themselves and serve their local communities, using technology as a mere tool to do so.

Our story
In 2014, our co-founder and CEO Yan Zagatsky joined his friend, a renowned Israeli restaurant owner, who was starting a fast dining venture. The more Yan learned about the world of food and food delivery, the more he saw technological gaps and severe pains that did not have proper technological solutions.

Being a technological manager first and foremost, Yan called his friends and former colleagues and they decided to build an on-demand delivery management platform that would answer the restaurants' need to deliver food on time and in an orderly fashion.

Fast-forward 5 years, DelivApp has evolved into a robust solution that handles hundreds of thousands of orders per month and serves hundreds of merchants globally. These numbers continue to grow each and every day!

Initially a food delivery management engine, DelivApp now offers:

- A logistics engine (compatible with any ordering interface)
- A complete ordering and on-demand delivery management platform

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