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How does the switching work
Switching software should not be stressful. Well, at least not financially. We will not charge you until you are done and free of your current vendor's contract (limited to two months).
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    You can claim Switching by filling out the signup form
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    Confirm your eligibility
    You are eligible for Switching if you are already paying for another software that you are planning to replace with DelivApp
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    Plan Switching with us
    We will talk with you to better understand your needs and start the setup and switching
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    Receive your discounted offer
    If your current plan from another vendor is better than the plans we have, we will price match and give you a -10% discount for the next year. To compare the plans, we will be looking at an average price per order and a set of features that your current plan includes
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    Start setup and Switching
    We will guide you through the setup, adoption and help you switch. In our experience you should be operational within one or two days
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    Use DelivApp fully and don't pay us util you are free of the other vendor's contract (limited to two months time).