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DelivApp for marketplaces

Run your food delivery marketplace with a single management tool
  • Multi-vendor marketplace
    Offer your customers the best choice of local businesses to order from
  • Put your brand out there
    Run your branded marketplace ordering experience via an app, web, and call-center
  • Start a customer club
    Offer your customers a digital wallet with loyalty points, referrals and more
  • Give your stores simple management tools
    Offer your merchants a simple and intuitive app and web admin interfaces for order taking and menu management
  • Give your couriers an app they'll love
    Provide your couriers with a straightforward delivery app, that can be branded with your name!
  • Be flexible with dispatch
    Manage a shared fleet, or let your stores deliver by themselves
  • Deliver external orders
    Offer your merchants to channel you their orders from other platforms, or their own websites, so you can deliver them all
  • Offer call-center services
    Take off the load of answering phone calls from your partners - allow their customers to order via your call center and make more money
  • Analyze & improve
    Receive all the data, learn from the insights, get better
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