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A couple of years from now, no one will be waiting for a day or more for anything to be delivered at their doorsteps

Yan Zagatsky, DelivApp's co-founder and CEO for Good Firms
Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of DelivApp, Yan Zagatsky, shares in this interview with GoodFirms how he created DelivApp, the best-in-class delivery management software meant to serve the interests of local businesses and help them earn customer loyalty.
Yan Zagatsky, DelivApp's CEO and co-founder
Headquartered in Israel, DelivApp is an all-inclusive delivery management software. Started initially as a food delivery management SaaS, DelivApp currently functions as a stand-alone on-demand logistics engine and a platform – logistics combined with a white-label marketplace ordering. The software aims to serve restaurants enabling them to manage their own delivery people or delivery service partners serving restaurants that want to deliver but do not have their fleets. It allows businesses to accept orders, manage pickup locations, dispatch, deliver, and control all customer communications in one place.

DelivApp offers extensive features like live in-app order status, order scheduling, order status push notifications, SMS updates, feedback, shift performance management, multiple pick-ups from one location, courier tracking & management, route optimization, automatic dispatch, proof of delivery, bidding, and more. It can also integrate seamlessly with customers' existing ordering systems.

The company allows flexible pricing where the customers can choose between the logistics only and logistics with online marketplace platform packages and pay accordingly. They charge monthly fees for using the software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform and offer multiple flexible plans based on the number of orders.
Comprehensive Delivery Management Software

In his interview with GoodFirms, Yan Zagatsky, CEO and Co-Founder of DelivApp, describes DelivApp as a SaaS product for businesses that do local on-demand deliveries. He discloses that he became an investor in a restaurant about five years ago and realized how cumbersome the business processes were. This motivated him to derive such a solution for restaurant businesses. Initially, the company created the system to cater to restaurants with their own delivery fleet. It gradually evolved to serve the needs of delivery companies that work with smaller venues and deliver for them.

Yan states that while their target customers are the restaurant industry and restaurant delivery services industry, those customers who are delivery companies are moving on and serving other industries; for example, many also deliver flowers, alcohol, pharmacy, groceries, even apparel. As consumers want everything on-demand today, not just food, the DelivApp system is flexible enough to allow that.

Value Addition

On being questioned how DelivApp offers value addition to the customers compared to other similar products, Yan explains the issues customers face with various existing software, the third-party delivery apps. Firstly, these cost them a contribution margin of about minus 2%, which is a big loss for the restaurants. Another significant limitation is that those third-party apps do not allow the restaurants to deal directly with their customers and develop customer relationships, making them gradually lose their loyal customers. Mitigating these issues, DelivApp offers restaurants an easier way to accept, deliver, and manage online orders and better connect with their customers. The software helps them streamline and better control the delivery operations.

Customer Satisfaction

Talking about customer satisfaction, Yan explains that DelivApp enables businesses to handle fast-paced food deliveries. Their customers inform them that due to the visibility the software provides and its ever-improving automation, DelivApp allows them to handle the same volumes of business with 2 or even 3 times smaller workforce.

Yan then asserts that their customers thus continue with them for as long as they are in the business, and their oldest customers have been with them for five years.

Dedicated Customer Support

Yan informs that they make sure that their email and online chat support is available to all customers and then depending on the client size and needs, they offer dedicated support channels and account managers.

Besides, the DelivApp support team actively helps the customers at the initial stage of getting started and ensures that the settings go right and the processes work well. After the customers feel confident with the system, they stay in touch through chat support. Moreover, they provide a valuable knowledge base for further help. Yan continues that they are always there when their customers need them.

With so much to offer, GoodFirms researchers have identified DelivApp as one of the best delivery management software for its versatile offerings, features, and flexible pricing model.

DelivApp - The Best Delivery Management Software

With the broad features, cost-effectiveness, and mobility that DelivApp offers, the company aims to establish DelivApp as a market leader in delivery management software soon. Yan concludes that they have grown several times in the past year and expect to grow several more times this coming year.

To know more about the offerings of DelivApp, one can also go through the detailed interview published at GoodFirms.
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About DelivApp
We help local businesses reclaim their power, and become less dependent on the global aggregators. Our ordering marketplace and delivery management software allow our partners to set up an on-demand food delivery service similar to the ones the big platforms run. With our one-stop-shop solution, local businesses can join efforts and form co-ops and alliances to better serve consumers in their hoods.