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case-study | NINJAS.jetzt delivery marketplace

Finding support for aggressive expansion

NINJAS.JETZT.jetzt switched to DelivApp when they realized they could not grow with the technology they had

NINJAS.jetzt is a Salzburg-based delivery company, specializing in environmentally friendly local delivery in under 30 minutes. It is the first Austrian marketplace combining food and non-food items for delivery. It currently features a product catalog of over 3K ruthlessly curated items from local restaurants and merchants, offering very fast delivery from the very best.

After its success in the hometown, NINJAS.jetzt is now working on expansion into more locations. To make the growth and expansion possible, however, the company had to recently switch its logistics management software.
"When we just started in 2020, we used an Austrian-made software, which we liked. – Says NINJAS.jetzt.jetzt Managing Director Thomas Hager-Roiser. - But as we began to grow, we realized that we needed a more robust delivery management system. We did our research and found DelivApp. After the initial trial, we felt confident to make the switch: not only because of the software itself but also because of the communication with the team. The support is fast, our requests are being heard and implemented. When DelivApp has our back when it comes to logistics, we can focus on improving our frontend and on the business and operational aspects of the growth".

NINJAS.jetzt started with food delivery only and expanded into groceries, wines, flowers, and other local products. Being an environmentally friendly service, NINJAS.jetzt only uses e-mopeds, e-cars, and bicycles for delivery. DelivApp supports automation which takes into account different vehicles parameters such as capacity and maximum service distance for bikes, which is critical for the mixed fleets such as the one of NINJAS.jetzt.

"I have experience with 5 or 6 delivery management software, DelivApp is currently my #2 after the one I encountered at one of the largest VC-backed food delivery platforms in Central Europe" – adds Thomas Hager-Roiser.
DelivApp tech solution

NINJAS.jetzt has its own ordering website and is soon releasing the app.

DelivApp is integrated with NINJAS.jetzt ordering and only powers logistics management, providing the dispatch solution, courier app and the live order status for the NINJAS.jetzt.jetzt checkout page.

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About DelivApp
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