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dispatched: DelivApp product updates
august 2021

Merchant app

We keep on making our products cooler
For our platform product, advanced merchant functionality is a must. Businesses listed on the marketplace have to be able to manage their listings, schedules, discounts, product catalogs, and incoming orders. Up until recently we only had a portal for it. This week, we released DelivApp Business, an app that helps merchants manage marketplace orders on the fly.
As of today, the merchant app supports only orders management, but we are planning to be adding more features to it.
From the new app, a merchant can see all the incoming orders, accept them (indicating the readiness time), or reject (indicating the reason).
We divided Pending, Preparing, and Ready orders into three columns which are easy to navigate.
Wolt delivery rider called partner
DelivApp companion merchant app
From the app, merchants can also indicate if an order is ready ahead of time or if it is being delayed. This is a must for the great on-demand operation.
The merchant app can come as DelivApp Business or as an app branded with our customer name and logo.
About DelivApp
We help local businesses reclaim their power, and become less dependent on the global aggregators. Our ordering marketplace and delivery management software allow our partners to set up an on-demand food delivery service similar to the ones the big platforms run. With our one-stop-shop solution, local businesses can join efforts and form co-ops and alliances to better serve consumers in their hoods.