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get inside: The Delivapp loyalty program

Inside the DelivApp Loyalty Program

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Customers using the DelivApp Platform can add the Loyalty Program to their white-label ordering experience, allowing users to collect and spend bonus points within the app. This feature serves as a significant retention-booster and money-saver.

One of the key aspects of the Loyalty Program is the introduction of Bonus Points as a payment method within the ordering app (or web). Users can spend these points as if they were real money. Additionally, restaurants have the ability to refund users in Bonus Points, thereby avoiding transaction fees.
The DelivApp Loyalty Program Allows Your Users to Collect and Spend Bonus Points Inside the App
Users can collect Bonus Points in several ways.


Firstly, the platform manager has the ability to manually add bonuses to a user's account. For example, this can be done during the refund process.

Gift Cards

Another way to acquire Bonus Points is through the receipt of a Gift Card. Managers can create Gift Cards of any amount within the system, which then become available for purchase by users.


Referrals also offer an avenue for earning Bonus Points. Managers can establish awards for both referrers and those being referred. The referrer will only receive their reward once the person they invited completes a purchase.


Lastly, users can obtain Bonus Points through cashback. Managers can set a desired percentage of a purchase that will be granted to users as cashback for every transaction. There is also an option to disable the use of acquired bonuses until a specific threshold is reached.
About DelivApp
All-in-one restaurants e-commerce platform. DelivApp allows multi-location operators to put their businesses under one roof, and directly connect to users.

It helps grow revenues and reduce costs by providing operators with an ordering platform, loyalty, payments, menu, and delivery management tools.