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Which delivery people are notified first about available jobs?

One of the best things about the DelivApp software is that it can run on autopilot: you set the rules and the system works automatically according to those rules. This includes how orders are grouped, as well as how and to whom they are offered. In this article we will explain the logic behind offering the jobs to delivery people.
Flexibility is the key

We built our software on a firm belief that the more flexibility the software gives you - the better for a dynamic on-demand delivery business. When you need to deliver within an hour or less, every minute counts, so the system has to provide you with the means to react to the changing situation - be it a rainy day, road blockage or delivery people being sick en masse. So, there is no universal rule on the best way to notify your delivery people about available jobs that always works for everyone. We allow you to choose from one of the three what we call "notification strategies".

Distance: The nearest available delivery person

The first rule is the simplest one: once an order (or orders) is ready to be assigned, the system will automatically offer it to the delivery person closest to the first pickup point, gradually expanding the radius for the period of time that you set. After that period of time is passed the offer will be sent to the entire pool.

Radius: All delivery people within a set radius

Another strategy is to send the offer to all delivery people within a certain radius. In that case, you set a radius which will be applied to the first pickup point and all the delivery people within that radius are going to be notified. Again, you set the time period during which this rule will apply, and if the job is not taken, the notification will be sent to the entire fleet.

Fairness: First notify the nearest person who delivered the least amount of orders

Once your fleet is large or on the days when you have a lot of delivery people on a shift, there may be a competition for the orders. If your delivery people are paid hourly - there may be questions on who works more and who works less and why. Hence we have this strategy which some of our larger clients love a lot. So once you have the Fairness and the key decision driver, the job will be offered to a delivery person who is close enough to deliver all orders within your set delivery SLAs, but who on average deliver the least number of orders per hour during the current shift.

This allows the system to automatically make the best effort to balance the load and resolve possible conflicts over it.
You decide what strategy to use to notify your riders. You can start with the closest one to a pickup, or let the system pick the one who worked less during the shift, so that the load distribution is more balanced
Other rules

Notification strategy is not the only driver of DelivApp's automation decisions. In the next articles we will tell you more about how the orders are stacked and why, and how we make sure that you are not late delivering them.
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