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DelivApp partners with Yango Delivery

Tel Aviv, Israel

As part of the collaboration, Yango's leading delivery app for optimizing deliveries and making them faster and cheaper with machine learning and AI, integrates with DelivApp, an online order management platform for restaurant chains.

The integration is international and is available to all restaurants using DelivApp and Yango in Israel, Mexico, South Africa, Serbia, UAE, Turkey and other countries.

With the new partnership, merchants using DelivApp’s SaaS platform can choose Yango fleet as a fulfillment option. This will allow them to dispatch their overflow or even all orders to Yango couriers.

The service is already fully functioning for Golda, the largest Israeli gelato franchise with more than 130 locations. DelivApp powers Golda’s ordering and delivery experience, allowing its franchisees to deliver by themselves or with the help of delivery partners such as Yango.

Or Zeno-Rabid, CEO of Yango Delivery: "Our delivery system is based on advanced technologies that allow us to provide the best and the most advanced delivery service in Israel. We are happy to cooperate with DelivApp, another leading technology company, and together help many businesses offer fast and reliable deliveries. We believe that our cooperation will help more restaurants and chains become leaders in food delivery, just as Golda did.”

“DelivApp is committed to giving restaurants technological means to establish their digital sales and delivery operations and to be able to do so even for locations that don’t have their own fleets or experience courier shortage. - Explains Yan Zagatsky, the CEO and co-founder of DelivApp. - We see Yango Delivery as a very reliable and affordable option which proves to work extremely well for our customers.”

About DelivApp

DelivApp is a SaaS platform for managing on-demand food delivery. Headquartered in Israel, DelivApp serves restaurants and delivery fleets globally and provides them with a white-label ordering experience, loyalty program, merchant portal and app, dispatcher’s dashboard, courier app, tracking functionality, access to external fulfillment options, and more.

About Yango Delivery

About Yango Delivery

Yango Delivery provides advanced delivery solutions based on machine learning and AI technology for route optimization and courier selection. The company provides last mile services to businesses and other delivery companies.

About Golda

Golda - The largest Israeli ice-cream franchise chain, established in 2010. Golda operates more than 130 branches in Israel and is establishing its international presence.