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dispatched: DelivApp product updates of 2022


We keep on making our products cooler
2022 has been a fantastic year for DelivApp. We began the year as a SaaS for on-demand delivery management, with logistics being our core and white-label marketplace - a new feature. We are finishing the year as an end-to-end solution for local marketplaces, delivery fleets and - our new customer segment - restaurants chains and groups. These new customers have strong brands, many locations and they look to unite all their stores under one digital roof, so that they own both - the online business and the customer relationships.
Our all-in-one delivery management suite includes the following products:

- Consumer-Facing White-Label Ordering Marketplace

- Marketplace Digital Wallet and Loyalty Management

- Business App and Web for Merchants

- All-in-One Logistics and Marketplace Management Backoffice

- Customer Care & Call-Center Backoffice

- White-Label Courier App

The features we added in 2022


Web marketplace

We started out with the app marketplace only, and this year we have added a web marketplace as well. Now, our customers who use the marketplace, can also accept orders from users who prefer ordering via web.

Phone marketplace

A call-center feature is out. Now, users who want to order from DelivApp-powered marketplaces by phone, can do so too. For the marketplaces, it is an excellent feature to sell more services to restaurants. Not only can they add digital sales to businesses, but also replace a person taking phone calls.

Digital Wallet 2.0

Digital Wallet allows your marketplace users to earn and spend points instead of money. It started out as a tool to make refunds and compensate customers for referrals; it has now evolved towards being able to create gift cards, and to give bonus points for purchases over a certain amount, run cashback programs, and more.


Business app

In the beginning of the year, our Business App for merchants was only useful for accepting marketplace orders. Now, it is a comprehensive tool for all things orders, menu and dispatch management. The latest app version allows adding manual orders, editing menu items availability, tracking deliveries and even onboarding drivers.

Integrated orders

Now, restaurants that work with UberEats, DoorDash, GrubHub and many other online sources, can opt-out for self-delivery and receive those orders into our system automatically.

Logistics as a service

We added an ability to plug into our system external fleets that do not run on DelivApp. For now, these fleets are Yango and Wolt, and we will soon be adding DoorDash and other services.

This means that anyone who works with us can use their own fleet running on our delivery management solution, and also partners' fleet regardless of the system the partner uses.

Manager-Business chat

We have started rolling out the chat functionalities. Today, the chat is available between a business and a marketplace or logistics manager only. In the next version, we will be adding the courier chat too.


New courier app

We have moved our courier app to a new platform, it has gotten better, and faster. We will soon add chat there and simplify the onboarding.


The core

Our system has always been able to support complex operational scenarios with dedicated or shared fleets and with unified or segregated delivery zones. This year, we advanced those capabilities, and added hierarchies to fleets and accounts. We will elaborate on that in one of the next articles.

What to expect from 2023:

We are working on more useful features for our system. Our goal is to become the go to software for all things on-demand deliveries and to make sure our customers can work as efficiently as possible.
About DelivApp
We help local businesses reclaim their power, and become less dependent on the global aggregators. Our ordering marketplace and delivery management software allow our partners to set up an on-demand food delivery service similar to the ones the big platforms run. With our one-stop-shop solution, local businesses can join efforts and form co-ops and alliances to better serve consumers in their hoods.