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Making the most out of your deliveries with DelivApp

DelivApp is built to maximize efficiencies and profits of delivery businesses. Our system evolves with delivery fleets in mind and we have multiple features that allow you to make money while providing the best possible service to your clients.
In this article we will explain how delivery pricing works in our system.
What you charge for it does not equal to what you pay for it

First things first: there is what you charge merchants for deliveries and there is what you pay drivers to deliver. These are separate amounts, and we keep them separate in the system.

Neither party sees what the other one is charged/paid.


Treat each merchant differently

Your customers are not the same, and you should be able to treat them differently on the system level. In DelivApp, you can commit to different SLAs to different merchants and charge them accordingly. For example, you can promise a larger customer faster deliveries (our automation will execute accordingly) and charge them more. Or, you can promise them your standard delivery SLAs but still charge more. Once set, these charges will apply automatically, will be visible only to you and the selected merchant (never to the drivers) and will appear on your and merchant reports.

You can also cap your maximum delivery price for any merchnant.

Flexible charging strategies

With DelivApp, you can determine delivery prices based on:

- distance (e.g. base fee plus extra per extra distance),
- specific region (sometimes, you want to apply fix price for delivering to a remote upscale neighborhood).

And these strategies are also applied at an individual merchant level.

Delivery costs for merchants are custom to each merchant

Being fair to your drivers

While we allow setting different delivery costs for different merchants, with drivers who are paid based on distance we currently only allow the same rules for base fee and extra per extra distance.

Each delivery can be capped, same as for merchants.

You can also choose to display (or not display) the driver compensation when they are offered jobs and (in case orders are received via integrations) you can either incorporate or not incorporate the driver's tip.

Flexible compensation strategies

When paid per order, you can apply the same rules as for the merchants - based on distance or fixed, based on selected regions. This is very convenient, as it motivates drivers to take certain jobs.
Driver fees per order are universal
Hourly paid drivers

Our system also supports drivers payments based on orders or hourly compensations.

When you pay hourly, there can be a different rate applied to each driver's contract and also, you can compensate them for working on weekends or public holidays - all those numbers can be set up in our system and calculated automatically according to your rules (our team usually helps to set up hourly compensation rules as they can get pretty complex).
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DelivApp helps businesses grow their delivery operations by automating order entry, dispatch and reports. Our system is flexible and highly customizable, so that it can scale together with you.
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