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dispatched: DelivApp product updates


We keep on making our products cooler
Our marketplace products family has just gotten bigger: the brand new call-center feature is out. Now, your customers can order food via the DelivApp-powered mobile app, web, or by phone via the call center!
Call-center allows to create an order from any available restaurant, add comments and tips
DelivApp is a delivery management software which can connect to your existing ordering interfaces, but it also provides you with a white-label solution for your own marketplace. In addition to the app and web, this solution now also features the call center.

Here's how it works: a consumer calls your dedicated call-center number, and your operator helps them locate the restaurant they want to order from. The operator then helps the customer select items from the menu and place the order. Payment can be made by credit card (if doing so by phone is allowed in the customer's country) or by cash on delivery.

Once the order is placed, the selected business receives and approves it, and then processes it just like any other order.
About DelivApp
We help local businesses reclaim their power, and become less dependent on the global aggregators. Our ordering marketplace and delivery management software allow our partners to set up an on-demand food delivery service similar to the ones the big platforms run. With our one-stop-shop solution, local businesses can join efforts and form co-ops and alliances to better serve consumers in their hoods.