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dispatched: Delivapp multi-territory accounts

Manage Your Food Delivery Operation Across Multiple Geos With Just One System

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Some of our customers run their food delivery operations from multiple locations in different cities and even countries. Following their needs to give those territories autonomy while being able to supervise, maintain standards and provide a consistent experience for all users, we have developed our multi-territory accounts.

Now, under a single global account, our customers can run multiple independent sub-accounts, we call them Territories. The Territory is a unified zone with the same currency, measurement system, unified rules for delivery algorithm settings, and so on. Each territory can be managed by the same team or separate teams (for different cities for example) that can have their own (limited) sub-settings.

This means that those of our customers that use our all-in-one e-commerce platform can have a global ordering app and website, which will be connected to all their operational Territories. It will be a single central destination for users from all places, but upon entering the ordering system, they will be directed to the correct Territory with its businesses and all the settings. This solution is perfect for franchises, restaurant groups, and growing marketplaces.

Those of our customers that only use our Delivery Management product will be able to split their global account into multiple Territories with custom algo settings, and rules. Managers of those territories will not be able to see one another and will only control their settings. This solution works best for businesses operating as a franchise.

The Multi-Territory account diagram
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