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dispatched: DelivApp product updates
march 2023


We keep on making our products cooler
DelivApp delivery management software suite has just been improved: now, the dispatch can be done on the fly, with our DelivApp Business mobile app.
Now, the same person can easily supervise the dispatch and deliver by themselves
DelivApp Business app for dispatchers

DelivApp is an on-demand delivery management software for merchants and delivery service providers. Our software suite includes Dispatcher's Admin Portal, Merchant Web Portal, DelivApp Business App, Courier App, and White-Label Ordering Platform.

Traditionally, our Business App has been serving merchants and pickup locations managers for taking and creating orders as well as for dispatching them onto the location-specific couriers.

However, delivery managers that serve multiple locations and need to dispatch onto the shared fleet, had to use our web interface only.

With the latest release, the Business App has the capabilities required for delivery managers and it can replace the web portal for those who dispatch on the go (for example, while also delivering orders by themselves). This function is especially useful for smaller accounts or pick hours, when a business cannot afford having a person work in front of the computer and not delivering orders.

Key features

Receive, create & edit orders for all locations

All the orders come into the Business App automatically via integrations or the DelivApp powered White-Label marketplace. Just as in web, orders can be created manually for any location inside the account, and all the orders can be edited from within the app.

Assign and track orders

The dispatchers can batch the orders and assign them to couriers, automatically or manually as needed. All orders and couriers are seen on the map live.

Create and manage couriers

The App can now be used for quick courier creation and management.
About DelivApp
We help local businesses reclaim their power, and become less dependent on the global aggregators. Our ordering marketplace and delivery management software allow our partners to set up an on-demand food delivery service similar to the ones the big platforms run. With our one-stop-shop solution, local businesses can join efforts and form co-ops and alliances to better serve consumers in their hoods.