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dispatched: new Feature ALERT


We keep on making our products cooler
We've just released the first version of the DelivApp chat. The chat is currently available for marketplace and logistics support operators using DelivApp Admin Backoffice for communication with merchants using DelivApp Business app or web.
The First version of the Business Chat enables conversations between marketplace/delivery managers or support operators and merchants. The next versions will include consumers and delivery people
The current chat functionality is only the beginning for us. Our vision is to enable a seamless communication between all the parties involved in the order lifecycle.

Consumers, businesses, managers, support operators and delivery people should all be able to instantly chat whenever needed, either one-on-one or as a group. The current release is a one step towards this vision.

In addition to the newly-released functionality, to our marketplace customers we also offer a consumer-marketplace operator chat, but this chat is an external integration and it will soon be replaced by the second version of our own chat.

Stay tuned for the updates.
About DelivApp
We help local businesses reclaim their power, and become less dependent on the global aggregators. Our ordering marketplace and delivery management software allow our partners to set up an on-demand food delivery service similar to the ones the big platforms run. With our one-stop-shop solution, local businesses can join efforts and form co-ops and alliances to better serve consumers in their hoods.