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Managing your own and external riders in one place

Golda has several ice cream shop locations and works with their own couriers and with an external delivery company using DelivApp. This setup helps the restaurant to handle peak hours, holidays, and large business orders without having to grow the in-house delivery team. This was not always the case, however.
Before the covid-19 lockdowns, Golda has been managing its delivery business without problems relying solely on an external delivery company. But once the lockdowns hit, they realized that they needed to deliver in much larger volumes, and - if they wanted to be more efficient - they also needed to start delivering by themselves.

"I went through a rigorous process of reviewing several delivery management platforms, - says Moshe, the owner of Golda franchise. - But none really fit our needs: some missed the key integration (our ordering solution is powered by Wix Restaurants), some just were not robust enough. So after some weeks of vetting, we decided to go with DelivApp, the exact platform which had already been powering our external delivery partners."

Today, Golda works very efficiently and grows the business fast. Their flow is extremely straightforward and simple for them to manage:

  • An order is accepted via Wix Restaurants website
  • The order goes directly to the DelivApp platform
  • Depending on the situation, the order is assigned either to Golda's own courier or to an external one
"What I especially love is that the moment we move the order to the external company, they have all the data they need to start processing it, and we still have all the info regarding the order status. - Adds Moshe. - It is very convenient for us, as if customers call us, we can easily retrieve the status directly from the platform without having to speak to the delivery company. I also receive a joint report of the in-house and the external company performance which allows us to better manage both."

In addition to increasing Golda's efficiencies, this strategic arrangement for managing off-premise business allowed the restaurant to unlock additional revenue streams: for example, corporate orders. Now, Golda can handle requests from businesses that want to place a single order for sending many icecream deliveries to many employees at the same time. As trivial as this may sound, it is in fact a complex logistics operation that Golda can now handle with ease.

As a result of working with DelivApp, Golda saves a lot of time and money and it also makes more money.
    About DelivApp
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